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Nozzle is a full search engine results page (SERP) monitoring tool that gives you access to all the data for every keyword relevant to your brand.

Nozzle allows you to track SEO keywords on custom schedules, including pulling data on an hourly, daily, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Your team can benefit by tracking more keywords less often to create a solid overview of your industry’s entire SERP landscape.

Plus, you can track your most important keywords more frequently, so you can learn about rank fluctuations for high-priority keywordsand respond with the right SEO adjustments way before your competitors do.

Custom data collection

Track keywords on scheduled time frames that work for your team, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly!

With Nozzle, you can view your marketing strategy through the lens of your brand’s comprehensive SERP presence.

Under your company’s profile, you’ll be able to supervise any owned domains, all social profile accounts, and even YouTube video content.

You can even view SERP data for guest posts and alternative content, like press releases, Quora answers, specific tweets, and Pinterest boards and pins.

Multi-asset keyword monitoring

Track all digital assets with regards to SERPs, including digital media and social profiles.

Nozzle goes beyond your brand by analyzing SERP data for each listing, not just your domain.

You’ll be able to discover and monitor all your SERP competitors to gain insight on where to focus your SEO efforts.

Use Nozzle to view which domains or URLs own the most top three or top 10 positions for each of your keyword groups.

You can also learn which domains or URLs own the most featured snippets and video results, or which companies own the majority of local listings.

SERP competitor analysis

Discover trends and monitor all of your online competitors in one convenient SERP dashboard!

It’s important to understand the answers your target audience is looking for in the SERPs, which is why Nozzle lets you extract all questions that populate in the “People Also Ask” boxes.

This data is then sorted by the number of SERP appearances across both mobile and desktop browsers.

Your content team will be able to prioritize which FAQs to answer first on your website and shorten the content brainstorming process by using People Also Ask data.


Utilize your keywords’ PAA data, sorted by frequency, for heightened content creation.

Without the right monitoring, your SEO strategy sounds as vague as Timmy Turner’s explanation for all of his fairy godparents’ presents. (“Uhhh… Internet?”)

Nozzle allows you to monitor your entire online presence through SERP keyword analysis.

Think bigger than just being #1 on the search results—it’s time to take over the entire first page.

Get lifetime access to Nozzle today!

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