Blurweb App – Blur sensitive info while live screen sharing

This is an exclusive version of Blurweb only available to AppSumo Plus members. For only $47, you can protect private info across 10 devices/browsers with this special lifetime deal.

Do you create video sharing with your screen — either live or as a recording?

Major web pages are not created thinking you could be sharing the screen… hence a lot of sensitive information is always visible on the screen which you may not want to share. extension is created to help blur sensitive information with just a single click.

You can also keep blur so when you open the page next time it will be blur already!

Do you always hate when creating videos of pages that have sensitive information on them?

What about having to go back and edit the video to make sure you didn’t accidentally leak private information to the viewer? allows you to do that very quickly and easily in video without having to re-edit that video.

It also allows you to keep blur to be secure during live video too.

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Atlas Rosetta