Can Datto SaaS protection infinite cloud retention be customized?

Can Datto SaaS protection infinite cloud retention be customized?

If you have purchased Infinite Cloud Retention but you have specific protected systems which must retain data only for a set period you can still customize the retention settings for your device.10-Mar-2022

What is retention in Datto?

Infinite Cloud Retention allows a customer to store an unlimited amount of data in the Datto Cloud with no time restriction—users maintain access to backup copies of all their data stored in the Datto Cloud as long as they choose.08-Sept-2016

What is Datto SaaS protection?

Datto SaaS Defense is a robust threat protection solution for Microsoft 365 applications that proactively detects and helps prevent malicious malware attacks that target Exchange OneDrive SharePoint and Teams.

How frequently can one expect to receive an invoice for my Datto SaaS protection clients?

Your SaaS Protection subscription will be invoiced at the beginning of each month for the current month.21-Jun-2022

What is not a configurable feature inside Datto SaaS protection?

The time zone in Datto SaaS Protection is set to GMT by default. This setting is not configurable.07-Feb-2022

What are the three supported backup methods on a Datto device?

Direct-to-cloud backup cloud-to-cloud backup and SaaS backup.

What is a Datto round trip?

What are RoundTrip drives? RoundTrip drives are external hard drives provided by Datto to expedite the transfer of large data sets to the Datto Cloud. They also update the cloud chain for an agent if it is too far behind. Datto offers RoundTrip Drives as a complimentary service once per quarter per each Datto device.10-Mar-2022

How much does Datto cost?

$2400 one-off cost on 36 month commitment = $67 per month. $500 service fee per month.18-Feb-2021

What are recovery Points Datto?

Each backup your Datto device takes is a unique data snapshot also called a recovery point. Each recovery point contains all the information necessary to restore all the data present at the time of the backup. You can choose to delete one some or all of an agent’s recovery points.10-Mar-2022

Which three Microsoft license types are supported in datto SaaS protection?

E1 E3 E5.F1 F3.04-Feb-2022

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