Can you use Salesforce billing without CPQ?

Can you use Salesforce billing without CPQ?

Manage your orders and order products in Salesforce and Salesforce Billing without first creating a CPQ quote. You can now create an order and its order products on your own or through API and then pass them to Salesforce Billing. We call this type of order a standalone order.

Do Salesforce Developer accounts expire?

No. The org is permanently deleted and can’t be reactivated. Some Developer Edition orgs are exempt from expiration.

What are orgs in Salesforce?

An Org is your specific organization’s data and meta data. Salesforce has multiple orgs residing on the same instance. Your data is itself contained within your org which can share the same instance as hundreds or even thousands of other orgs.10-Dec-2019

What is advanced approval Salesforce?

Advanced Approvals uses approval rules to determine which approvers receive an approval request and the email template used to send the requests. When a sales rep submits a record for approval such as a quote or opportunity the Advanced Approvals package evaluates the package’s approval rules.

What is lookup query in Salesforce CPQ?

Lookup queries evaluate tested objects only on product options selected in product configuration or on quote lines that exist within the quote line editor. Tested Field. Define the quote field that your lookup query evaluates. Note Tested Field supports non-null values only.

What is summary variables in Salesforce CPQ?

A summary variable targets a field on an object and then performs a math function on that field. You can set a target object and leave the filter information fields blank to target all instances of that object across your quote.

What is overage rate in Salesforce CPQ?

Now if the client wants a quantity larger than the highest tier it is possible to use the overage rate which is a per-unit price for any quantity above the highest tier. For that create a special custom field named OverageRate on the Block Price object in the Object Manager from Setup.

What is a price block?

The Price block is a trading block that allows a user to specify a valid price for an instrument using the display format such as 150’20. During algo execution when the user specifies a price in this block the Price block ensures that the price is a tradable price for that instrument.

How do you use block pricing?

How do I create a CPQ?

Set Up a CPQ-enabled orgSign up for a special Trailhead Playground with Salesforce CPQ.Create fields that are used in configuration and global attributes.Create bundle-specific configuration attributes.Default a text configuration attribute using a formula.More items

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