Channel By SPACE – Simple and Fast Team Communication Tool

Simple and Fast Team Communication Tool

A communication tool is a much-needed tool in any business!

Channel by SPACE is a simple yet effective team communication tool that will make your team conversations quick and purposeful.

PitchGround presents Channel By SPACE – Channel will make your team conversations quick and purposeful. Share instant files or start a video call with a single click.

Space Channel is an easy and fast team communication tool with minimal but required features so that teams enjoy working with no confusion. The simple UX makes it easy to use.

Create channels for purposeful and organized communications. In-app meetings promote quick decision making and real-time collaboration. Share instant files or start a video call in a single click.

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Focus on conversions out of a conversation –

Make purposeful conversation with your team and broadly focus on the outcomes, we are providing software with minimal features that directly drive towards enhancing productivity. Minimal features with real requirements that will not confuse your team.

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Opt for Open & Shut Communication –

Create a channel for meaningful communication but every discussion should reach a certain conclusion. A Channel where you can add members that need to be involved in the communication. Open the channel with the right agenda and close it when you are done.

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Audio and video calls –

Initiate voice and video calls with a single click. With Channel, you will get it all in one place. In-app calls save time and are more convenient for teams in comparison to other scheduling apps. No more phone calls, everyone will make space calls, guaranteed.

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Quick search –

The search feature is precise, accurate and it allows you to find things much faster. ESC → search people, messages, channels and ENTER to jump to them.

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What’s the Benefit of using Channel By SPACE?

  • Fast team communication
  • Purposeful communication
  • In-app meetings
  • No complicated features to confuse team
  • Use of keyboard shortcuts to save time
  • Mobile friendly
  • Message searching
  • In-app calling

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs

Alternate For – Slack, Flock


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