Doubletick – Unlimited Email Tracker For Gmail & G-Suite

Unlimited Email Tracker For Gmail & G-Suite

Track your outgoing emails to know if the recipient has opened & read your email or not. This tool gives Gmail users the power to build and maintain relationships in this crowded, competitive inbox environment.

PitchGround presents Doubletick – Unlimited email tracking for Gmail and G-Suite & get the doubletick marks in your sent box once your email is opened and read by the recipient with real-time desktop notifications!

An easy-to-use tool, it helps you track email opens and link clicks right in your Gmail. Know when your emails are opened.

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Email Tracking –Get Read-Receipts on opened emails in your Gmail Sent Box. It also tracks the number of times the email is opened by the recipient.

Schedule Tracked Emails – Schedule Send your email, and Doubletick will send the tracked email at the specified time. Schedule any email in a few clicks right from your compose box.

Real-time Notifications –Receive real-time pop-up notifications on your desktop when your emails are opened. No need to refresh your inbox for an update. This tool will let you know as soon as your email is opened.

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No Gmail Account Limits – Connect Doubletick with all of your Gmail accounts – personal or professional.

Exclusive Zapier Integration for PitchGround Users –Stop wasting time on manual repetitive tasks, seamlessly integrate Doubletick with your favorite app or CRM.

Toggle Tracking –Toggle Track the emails from the Compose Box.

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Privacy First – Doubletick does not access your mailbox, so you can easily track your emails without permitting full-mailbox access.

Link Tracking –Get Notified when your recipients clicked on the links in your email, also track how many times they have clicked.

Reminders –Monitor important emails, and receive email alerts if your sent emails are not being opened after 24 hours.

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What’s the Benefit of using Doubletick?

  • Know when the recipient has opened your email.
  • Improve your Mailbox productivity.
  • Use Doubletick to determine which prospects are your hottest leads.
  • Follow up at the right time for email opens but not replies.
  • Eliminate the guesswork and analyze which subject lines of your cold email are getting more open rates.

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Solopreneurs
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • HR Team
  • All the Gmail and G-Suite Users

Alternate For – Mailtrack

Testimonials –

“I just bought it today and it works well. It saves me a lot of time when sending emails to my clients. Specially I have a lot of Email from Gsuite. I use it now for my team as well. The Support Team is very good and very helpful. Always help! Highly recommend it!” – Kevin Quang, Head of Marketing Success,

“I love Doubletick! I use gmail the most, so that’s cool I can track my emails seamlessly. It’s easy to get into, I wish that I would’ve found this sooner.” – Leanne Phillips, Recruiter,

“Doubletick is very straight forward. No bells and whistles here, just does what it is needed to know ie. track my emails. It tells us which lead to pursue. Being in the sales side it saves a lot of time to know how the recipients responded to my email.” – Ishan S, Entrepreneur

I’m Very happy with this tool, It Helps me to monitor the addressee response and frequency of checks. I cannot think of any feature that I don’t like.” – Boon Kee G., Entrepreneur

Doubletick is a very good tool for tracking sent emails. It is easy to use and privacy-focused. It won’t ask for your mailbox permissions, It’s a must-have tool for email marketers, sales and recruitment teams.” – Abelho Abrantes, Entrepreneur

“I’m Electrified with doubletick”, What I really loved about it is that I receive instant notifications for emails. Simple and Minimal experience of email open tracking, nothing else.  Integration was seamless and there’s nothing to not like.” – Saurabh S., CEO, Pensar LLC.


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