Further – Content Curation For Learning Experience & Development

Content Curation For Learning Experience & Development

Training your team can be a challenging task. Sure, you can help your team upskill by buying them courses, but how many of them complete it? No matter what field you’re in, you need to help your team grow, and what better way to grow than to create your personalized course for your team members.

Well, we have the perfect tool to help your team learn and upskill using informal learning methods like chats, blogs, YouTube videos all in one platform.

PitchGround presents Further – Organize, Track, Curate, Enhance Informal & AI-Backed Content For Learning Experiences and Professional Development For Your Business & Team.

Further helps you find artificial intelligence backed micro-learning curation library for your team and serves instant tracking with a gigantic skills map.

Leverage informal and AI-backed learning. No need to curate courses & only select the desired skills. Personalized content and skill tracking with the plug-and-play mobile application.

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AI-backed Personalization – Further uses artificial intelligence as a value offer for your needs. No more need to allocate courses or contents manually. AI already tagged contents and can distribute training to your people without a human touch – customize if you need.

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Leverage Free Internet Content – There are billions of contents in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts etc. So, stop wasting time finding the right learning content for your people. Further already listed all content in a library with their skill tags.

Select the skills and sources to provide your people with a personalized and automated learning experience. Add and assign content and lists to empower their professional development with specially designed learning experiences.

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Plug-n-Play Mobile Learning Experience – Always enjoy traditional methods to use learning management in the workplace, but this time it’s only in mobile. People consume more content on mobile so let your team enjoy on the go learning with bite-sized content. Invite your team and group them as per their team.

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Skill Reports & Certificates – Track your people’s skill learning progress in groups or individually while rewarding them with customized and verifiable certificates and badges.

Track and analyze their development with automatically generated reports to make sure that everything is going well. Reward your people with badges for their skill progress and list completions to encourage them to go Further on their skills.

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What’s the Benefit of using Further?

  • Plug and play mobile learning experience platform with built-in skills and content library
  • Further is easy to use with its user-friendly interface.
  • Further filters the internet depending on the skills and sources selected. No trash content or source will distract the learning experience.
  • Automated & AI-backed learning personalization reduces the time spent on finding content.
  • All administration requires one Further account. Multiple admins can be added when needed.
  • On the reports panel, admins can reach several types of reports, which are always up-to-date.

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Small Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Learning and development manager
  • Academy officers
  • Learning officers of NGOs and communities

Alternate For – Degreed, Docebo

How To Use Further?

1. Dashboard – Created with care, for your convenience. Everything you need is within your glimpse.

2. Users – Everyone is different and deserves a personalized learning experience. Add your people, create and customize groups.

3. Content Center – Content from thousands of sources, ready for you to select, compile and assign to your people at your content centre. And you, are in command.

4. Feed Customization – Customization is the icing on the cake, the cherry on top. Create an optimized and fun continuous learning for each of your people.

5. Reports – To grow, we need a look back to the past and to the future. Get custom reports for each of your groups/people and see how you can help them engage more with suggestions.

6. Notification Center – Communication is easier now than ever. Reach your people in a fun and more engaging way with custom notifications sent straight to their phones.

7. Feedbacks – You know better than anyone that feedback is the secret to a great continuous learning experience. Now it is oh-so-convenient to get. Your people will thank you

Use Cases –

  • Education – Your students are already learning informally on their phones, daily. Make that informal learning habit a part of your education process and help them engage more with the school.
  • Consulting – There’s a way to help every client, and their employees continue to learn and develop. Further turns the informal learning process into your most powerful tool.
  • Software and tech – Software and tech keeps updating, so don’t settle with a one-off training that will be outdated within weeks. Create a continuous and updating learning process with the Further app.
  • Healthcare – You don’t have to compromise safety for training. Keep your healthcare professionals up to date on important information, without the risk of face-to-face contact using Further.
  • Retail – We know how hard it is to find enough time with how fast retail moves. Use the smartphone habits of your employees to create time for continuous learning using Further.


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