Is calendar a SaaS?

Is calendar a SaaS?

Everything from email clients and calendars to payment services and booking systems can be classed as SaaS depending on how it’s built.06-Jul-2017

What is opposite of SaaS?

The opposite of SaaS is self-hosted. And the opposite of public cloud is on-premises. We used on-premises to say self-hosted and it was confusing because you can self-host in the public cloud (run GitLab on AWS for example).27-Mar-2018

Is Snowflake a SaaS application?

Data Platform as a Cloud Service Snowflake is a true SaaS offering. More specifically: There is no hardware (virtual or physical) to select install configure or manage. There is virtually no software to install configure or manage.

What is non SaaS?

Non-SaaS Subscription Applications means online applications and offline software products that are provided by entities or individuals other than Us and are clearly identified as such and that interoperate with the SaaS Subscription.

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