Is MicroStrategy a SaaS?

Is MicroStrategy a SaaS?

MicroStrategy revealed during its user conference that a SaaS version of its platform is in the works as are new embedded analytics and process automation capabilities. A fully managed SaaS version of the MicroStrategy BI platform is in the works for 2021.05-Feb-2021

What type of software is MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy is an enterprise business intelligence (BI) application software vendor. Its flagship platform contains multiple features designed to help enterprises make data-driven decisions and optimize business processes.

Is MicroStrategy cloud based?

The MicroStrategy Cloud Platform delivers everything you need to deploy secure scalable flexible and extensible cloud solutions that meet the business and IT needs of your entire organization. With just a few clicks organizations can deploy fully configured AWS or Azure environment.

Is MicroStrategy part of Microsoft?

MicroStrategy 10.10 released in December 2017 added MicroStrategy Workstation.Products.Developer(s)MicroStrategyOperating systemMicrosoft Windows Linux AIX (no longer supported) Solaris (no longer supported)TypeBusiness more rows

Is MicroStrategy better than tableau?

Based on the evaluated features and the differences between Tableau and MicroStrategy MicroStrategy comes out on top. Its advantages in advanced analytics dashboarding and data visualization and data management capabilities place it above Tableau.7 days ago

Is MicroStrategy a data warehouse?

The data warehouse is the foundation that your MicroStrategy system is built on. It stores all the information you and your users analyze with the MicroStrategy system.

Is MicroStrategy an ETL tool?

MicroStrategy’s reporting capabilities leveraged in conjunction with these ETL tools allow for automated end-to-end transformation of disparate corporate data stores into insights. Data Services platforms supported by MicroStrategy include: Informatica IBM Cognos Denodo Cirro and Arcadia.

Is MicroStrategy open source?

In other words much like companies that bank their business model on open-source software MicroStrategy believes that servers with user management security and other features baked in will be attractive enough for organizations to purchase to complement and scale use of free desktop software.17-Oct-2016

How does MicroStrategy work?

MicroStrategy runs on ROLAP (Relational- Online Analytical Processing) that allows users to drill down to the required data anywhere in the entire database that is a relational Db. The search can be run down to an even a transactional level while looking out for specific detail.

Does Amazon use MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy Uses AWS to Help Customers Gain Analytics in Minutes Instead of Weeks.

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