Laxis – Your AI Meeting Assistant

Your AI Meeting Assistant

Since online conference calls have become the norm for meetings, you need an intelligent meeting assistant to keep up with your meetings and maximum output.

This tool is an intelligent meeting assistant that captures conversations intelligently to make your meetings more productive and enjoyable.

PitchGround presents Laxis – It captures conversations intelligently with simple transcription and personalized templates to help you extract insights, action items, and key quotes from and across meetings.

Laxis takes notes while you focus on the conversation and capture each attendee’s comments verbatim, and flag items for follow up.

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Pre-Meeting: Personalizable Meeting Templates – Create your own template for different types of meetings. You can add topics to your template. Under each topic, you can also add keywords, which Laxis will use to extract the important information from each conversation for you.

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Capture clear and consistent actions –Laxis captures meeting outcomes with an accurate record that can be sent to each attendee. Decisions and next steps are laid out using personalized or standard meeting templates.

In-Meeting: Real Time Transcription and Tagging –You can use your microphone to record and transcribe live conversations, phone calls, or video chats in real-time. At the same time, with a single click on the topic names, you can highlight and tag the action items and important information.

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Unlock valuable insights across interactions –Keyword highlights and searches identify key themes or issues. Artificial intelligence extracts relevant insights from each meeting or across a set of interviews.

Post-Meeting: Audio Upload – Upload an existing audio file (i.e. mp3 or m4p) for Laxis to transcribe. You can apply your own template to the transcription to align with similar meetings. Laxis will use the template to analyze and extract insights automatically.

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Smart Summaries – Laxis uses its proprietary NLP technology and artificial intelligence to extract information based on your personalized template and generate a summary for distribution.

Insight Management –Based on your template, Laxis put your conversation into categories. Then, based on your topics, Laxis groups your key quotations together. Quickly find key quotes based on these topics and keywords.

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Conversation Search –Quickly search across all your transcripts to find the exact information you want – quotes, key phrases, next steps and more.

Post-Meeting Collaborations –Download transcripts and memos into the format you most commonly use and share the notes with your team.

Integrations with conference tools – Laxis works with Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams (coming soon).

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What’s the Benefit of using Laxis?

  • Spend more time on each other and less time on note-taking. Laxis allows workers to think more strategically versus clerical.
  • Reinforce Meeting Outcomes. Laxis sends meeting notes in one click at the end of every meeting.
  • Make better decisions to grow your business. Make more intelligent decisions from AI-powered insights.

Use it for –

  • Industry and Market Researchers – Conduct better focus group research, get to the “aha!” moment faster.
  • Product and UX Designers – Unlock insights from user interviews that improve your product design.
  • Management Consultants  – Analyze client problems more quickly with intelligent note-taking.
  • Human Resource Professionals – Improve hiring processes and compare notes across interviews.
  • Investment Analysts – Create referencable notes from calls with companies you cover.
  • Journalists and Media – Capture client concerns and cases with intelligently transcribed notes.

Use Cases –

1.Project Managers –

Problem – Project Managers are in constant communication with stakeholders to manage processes, solve problems, and find solutions to complex problems. This process usually results in dozens of calls and meetings per workstream. PMs need a way to hold contributors accountable for commitments made in meetings.

Solution – Laxis allows project managers to record the contributions of each member of the project team and turn status updates into action items to keep everyone on schedule. Laxis transcribes conversations, extracts keywords, and creates automatically generated memos that are sent to all stakeholders.

2. Industry and Market Researchers

Problem – Market research is critical for organizations to solve problems; however, these discussions generate long audio files and many pages of notes. Finding the “aha” moment can be a challenge.

Solution – Laxis manages everything from recording the initial interview to automatically generating a memo with crucial insights regarding key issues, all designed to facilitate better conversations with users and unlock critical insights to understand your consumer or the market better.

3. Management Consultants

Problem – Consultants have the task of solving complex problems that face large, often global organizations. The work generates a thousand pages of notes per month, which need to be transcribed and summarized after a long day of meetings.

Solution – Laxis allows management consultants to be more productive by automatically transcribing conversations, identifying and extracting keywords, then automatically generating a memo that gives consultants the input for analysis and problem-solving.

Testimonials –

“Laxis automates and simplifies the time consuming process of capturing all our internal and external meetings. It also helps uncover the hidden insights with our customers and stakeholders. With Laxis, you can find everything you want to know about your customers, employees and business decisions.” – Yuan S., Founder and CEO,

“Laxis speeds up our research. It allows us to transcribe user interviewers, and find insights quickly. Allowing us to create better products.” – Matthew Caminiti, Sr. Digital Analyst, Marriott

“Laxis allows our central marketing team to gather intel about what sales messages resonate best with potential customers around the globe even when time zones make it difficult to attend meetings in person. The technology allows me to audit specific conversations easily down to the phrase so we can fine tune our pitch and market our solution more effectively in every region.” – Joe Aunce, Marketing Manager,

“As a management consultant, I spend most of my time in meetings and then more time after that organizing my notes. Laxis has helped save me time and given me incredible insights from their AI that I would’ve missed otherwise.” – Steve L., Management Consultant, EY Consulting


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