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Listnr is an AI conversion tool that lets you easily transform text to voice-based content, using a library of 270+ natural sounding AI voices.

Listnr saves you money and time creating high-quality audio content that matches your brand, whether you’re making YouTube videos, podcasts, or audiobooks.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can create voice-overs in just two clicks right from the dashboard.

Keep your content fresh with over 270 voices to choose from, and even more added every month.

Best of all, Listnr offers voices in over 70 different languages and dialects, including Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin, so you can reach a wider, more global audience.

Listnr dashboard

Create podcasts and voice-overs in two clicks right from the dashboard!

Not only can you create podcasts, but you can also enjoy unlimited hosting.

Listnr lets you host, distribute, and update your podcast on top platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts using an RSS feed.

Expand your reach by sharing your podcast on social media, embedding your episodes on your website or blog, or creating a custom podcast page to share with your audience.

Have more than one project going? You’ll be able to easily manage them all in Listnr’s podcast gallery.

Podcast gallery

Listnr lets you view and manage all your podcasts in the podcast gallery.

Whether you’re too swamped to read the news or your eyes just need a break from all the screentime, Listnr has you covered.

Turn any text into high-quality podcasts in minutes with Listnr’s Chrome extension, so you can listen to your favorite articles and blog posts while you drive or work out. (Talk about gains!)

And once you start creating, you can edit, publish and delete your audio all in one place thanks to Listnr’s simple interface.

Recorded audio settings

You can easily create, edit, delete and publish recorded audio on Listnr.

With Listnr, text-to-speech doesn’t have to be boring or robotic. You’ll be able to tailor your listening experience with a variety of natural-sounding voice and language options.

And you can rest easy knowing that Listnr will never make you choose between quality and quantity. So you can customize tone, emphasis, pauses, and more in your voice-overs.

Create the perfect voice-over for your project with the variety of speaking styles available—whether you want something conversational, or more official like a newscaster.

When you’re done, you can download your creation in the high-quality audio format and sample rate of your choice.

Voice customization

With Listnr, you can also customize voice styles and choose your audio output in voice settings.

Listnr is a one-stop audio shop for content creators and marketers, so you can skip the whole awkward recording process. (“Wait, could you repeat that line after you finish your bagel?”)

With an easy-to-use interface and plenty of customization options, Listnr lets you focus on creating killer content perfect for your band or audience. Just type, click, and done.

It’s time to make yourself heard.

Get lifetime access to Listnr today!

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