OneHash – A 100% Smart SaaS ERP, CRM, HR Solution For Your Business

A 100% Smart SaaS ERP, CRM, HR Solution For Your Business

If you are running a Business and having trouble connecting your financial and operational systems to a central database, while also finding it difficult to develop the effective customers interaction and relationships altogether then this software is perfect for you.

What if we tell you that you can now easily manage and follow up with your leads, keep a track of communications, experience the automated book of accounting, take control of your production-inventory, and do much more all under one roof? Sounds fascinating, right?

The best part? This tool offers you CRM and ERP in the same software.

PitchGround presents OneHash – A 100% Smart SaaS ERP, CRM, HR Solution For Your Business

OneHash is a customer friendly and economical SaaS based CRM and ERP Solution. Making use of the cutting edge technology amalgamated with visually appealing interface OneHash aims to help you build lasting customer relationships, streamlining and automating processes, creating better collaboration and communication, better pipeline management, and increased revenues.

Let’s learn more about OneHash!

OneHash consists around 9 Modules that you can use for your business – all under one tool. Let’s have a look at each one of them to understand the reason why OneHash is a must for your business.

CRM – Get qualified leads, create, and manage opportunities and automate the entire sales process. Customer focused CRM module to grow your business numbers.

  • Cross Channel Interactions – Integrate all your customer interaction under a single head to give seamless and effortless, high-quality customer experiences. Unify information received from emails and calls into CRM Leads. All this with an intuitive in-built system.
  • Improve Sales Productivity – Delegate responsibility with effective system driven communication. Eliminates undesired tasks and monitor teams with insightful performance reports. Detailed analysis of stage wise sales prospects.
  • Automated crisp and lively Quotations – Use a quote template to create your price quote. Allows creating estimates and invoices instantly. Stay on brand, look professional, keep your finances organized and save time with predefined invoice items.
  • Design and execute Campaigns – Device integrated communications plan to generate lead or sales. Engage audiences, with content marketing focus and an integrated media schedule. Plan Clear, realistic goals.
  • and much more…
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Accounting – Array of tools to govern your Cashflows under a single platform, expert at the art of recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions, further assisting you with customized reports.

  • Book of Accounts – Get a Birds Eye view with customizable dashboards reflecting critical criterions.
  • Payments and Journals – Get hold of error free and precise ledgers, accurate to the last penny. Keep tap of all costs and revenues with regular notifications there by bringing better efficiency with detailed reports.
  • Receivables and Invoicing – Keep track of accounts receivable, follow up with customers by sending regular alerts and take control of the Cash Flow. Enjoy the luxury of automated invoicing for subscription-based customers and save time for things that matter.
  • Multi-Currency – Record expenses and share invoices in the currency of choice, set base currency and let the software do the magic for you.
  • Banking – Match payments with invoices, update banking transaction details with a click and reconcile your Bank Statement effortlessly.
  • and much more…
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Asset Management – Developing, operating, maintaining, and selling assets in a cost-effective manner. Stay Ahead of the competition and improve Workflow with increased Productivity.

  • Asset Inventory –Better decisions making through accurate inventory data. Enables business to control logistics, operations, finance, and inventory from a singular system, reducing errors and improving efficiency.
  • Assets Purchasing and Selling – Automated asset purchasing reduces paperwork and manual efforts. Sell Assets with more accuracy and accountability thereby streamlining vendor management.
  • Assets Depreciation and Assets Value Adjustment – Produce compliant accounting reports with less stress. Eliminate redundant data entry and generate accurate reports on the depreciation value of all assets over time.
  • and much more…

HR & Payroll – Onboard talent, appraise, train and track employees, all this with highly intuitive system. Keep record of leave, attendance, employee expense and appraisals.

  • Talent Acquisition – Hire the brightest of minds with homemade tool that enables head count planning, advertising jobs, filtering applicants, communication correspondence and document sharing.
  • Training and Coaching – Keep your staff abreast with new skills sets. Formulate and device training calendars with automated notifications to employees.
  • Expense Management –Maintain record of individual and team expenses for travel requests, petty expenses, and other general outlays. Automated hierarchical approval process to keep leakages in check.
  • Payroll and Tax Slabs – Automated personalized password protected salary slip generation, tax liability assessment Create multiple tax slabs and tax rates depending upon the country of tax.
  • and much more…
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Manufacturing – Improve efficiency and productivity, navigate through complex processes, preventing data re-entry, and improving functions such as production, order completion and delivery.

  • Total Control Of Your Production – Real time data reports of production process to eliminate revenue loss. Consistency of data for better decision-making. Integrate multiple spreadsheets, batch tickets, accounting sources, sales orders, or other sources to know the status of the business.
  • Batched and Serialized Inventory – Option to choose serialized or Batched Inventory. Tracking of individual units using unique serial numbers. Batch tracking to provide insight into quality of goods by tracking the raw materials.
  • Stock Balance and Replenishment – Strike a fine balance to meet the optimum stock levels so that production runs smooth, without any hassles. Keeps production process progress with precision.
  • and much more…
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Helpdesk – Simplify interactions with clients, potential customers and any other person who contacts a business. Manage all support tickets coming from various channels, automate processes, monitor SLA and much more.

  • Useful Insights – Documents customer requests and interactions, making it easier for customer service reps to resolve complicated issues. Allow teams to capture, manage, and track the status of customer issues in an organized and highly collaborative manner
  • Automated Assignment of Tickets – Cut down cost incurred on manual assignment of tickets and automatically assign tickets using logical sequencing
  • Cross Channel Interactions – Integrate all your service interaction under a single head to give seamless and effortless, high-quality experience.
  • and much more…

Sales and Purchases – Monitor inventory levels, reorder stock, and manage sales, customers, suppliers, deliverables and much more, all at one place.

  • Everything Real time, on the go, at one place – Get updated data on daily basis with auto triggered reports to manage business effectively. Customizable dashboards to get comprehensive view with laser focus on each component.
  • Track Serial Numbers and Lots – Option to choose serialised or Batched Inventory. Tracking of individual units using unique serial numbers. Batch tracking to provide insight into quality of goods by tracking the raw materials.
  • Journal and Payments – Get hold of error free and precise ledgers, accurate to the last penny. Keep tap of all costs and revenues with regular notifications, thereby bringing better efficiency.
  • and much more…
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Projects – Conceptualize, initiate, plan, execute and monitor performance for all your project needs.

  • Wholesome View – Get 360 Degree view for distinctive attributes of the entire process. Define independent tasks with stipulated timelines and activity sheets. Get automated reports for close monitoring.
  • Agility – Ability to respond and execute to a business-scenario change quickly. Explore the itemized view and assign to respective team members for improved effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Documents Storage – Allows you to upload various documents with a click. Functionality of secure multiple access levels.
  • and much more…
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Website – Make beautiful website to impress and engage new customers – and establish your business online.

  • Create impact on how your audience perceives your brand. Customize structure, colors, spacing, symmetry, amount of text, fonts, and more with our extraordinary theming capabilities.
  • Design website to respond, adapt, based on the technology and type of computing device used by the visitor to display the site.
  • Build an online store with Onehash’s e-commerce website builder – From Product pages, customer reviews, social media buttons, shopping cart— all these features to improve the online experience for shoppers and send sales into the stratosphere.
  • and much more…

The Benefit of using OneHash?

  • The presence of all the modules under one roof: No need to a different product for every aspect of your business.
  • Highly customizable: No need to wait for a firmware update. Customize workflows and tax rules according to your business needs. This helps automate a lot of your tasks and increases productivity.
  • Easy to import data from a variety of sources: Import/ Export data from your system or from any rest API source.

How can you use OneHash?

  • Identify the core modules you will require, and setup these modules with the basic data imports.
  • Add users and collaborators and assign them roles and permissions
  • Once data import is done, set up the integrations and automations already present in the product. (As per users need)
  • Start assigning tasks to your team and setup dashboards and reports based on your use case.

Active Integrations –OneHash has a host of built-in integrations that help your business take-off faster

  • Slack
  • WooCommerce
  • Google
  • Rajorpay
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Shopify
  • Plaid
  • AWS
  • Dropbox

Best For –

  • Startups
  • SMEs and SMBs
  • Small Agencies
  • Digital Businesses

Best Alternative for – Zoho CRM and Salesforce.

A Note from the OneHash Founder – Our superstar team comes from various walks of life, having worked with Large Corporate Houses, MNC’s and SMB’s. During their respective stints, they realized that the success of an organization depends heavily on the way the data is treated; both internal and external. After gathering useful insights from the market, we figured out that “Software as a Service” comes across as a costly affair for the customers. One needs to have deep pockets to afford an agile and wholesome system. This is where most of the business hold themselves and misses an opportunity to move up the ladder. We wanted to offer an affordable solution which is fully loaded with all the features, and thusOneHash was born.


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