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Pictory uses AI to convert your long-form content into engaging, digestible videos that you can share on across social media platforms.

Using Pictory’s AI technology, you can scan your lengthy videos and extract the key highlights in just minutes.

Manually adjust the AI findings to select which of the shorter clips you want to include in your new videos and customize them with logos, colors, and fonts.

Pictory also lets you bulk download the short videos in a CSV file or push them to your Hootsuite dashboard to fill your social content calendar.

Transcribed video highlights

Easily transcribe lengthy videos and produce short video highlights in minutes!

Unlike other editing and splicing tools, Pictory makes polishing simple and easy. Just upload your demo or video podcast and let the AI work its magic.

The tool transcribes the speech in your video and then lets you select the text you want to keep or cut. (“Why did I bring up my ex in the middle of this quiche tutorial?”)

You can also automatically remove filler words and, um, get your video production-ready in minutes by adding branded bumpers, intros, outros, captions, and more.

Edit video transcripts

Pictory makes it easy for you to polish your video by editing the transcript.

Since the vast majority of social media videos are watched on mute, captions can increase accessibility and improve the SEO ranking of your videos.

But instead of sitting and manually typing out every word of dialogue, Pictory lets you automatically add captions or subtitles and quickly correct errors.

You’ll have the option to burn the captions into the video or download them as text, SRT, or VTT files.

Plus, Pictory supports videos in over 20 different languages, so you can connect with viewers across the globe. ¡Que fantástico!

Add captions or subtitles

Easily add captions or subtitles in over 20 languages!

Pictory also turns long-form text content into short videos. Start with a published blog, let Pictory’s AI automatically detect the most necessary sentences, then finetune the script.

Add visuals to your script by choosing from a library of over six million licensed stock images and video clips from Shutterstock, or have the AI select the best visuals for you. Plus, you can always upload your own.

Attach music and a voiceover to your video that matches your theme. There’s a selection of natural voices, or you can record your own if you want to channel your best Morgan Freeman.

Convert scripts into videos

Use Pictory to leverage the latest AI to automatically convert text into subtitled videos.

When it comes to social media channels, short is king (obligatory Napoleon joke here).

Pictory’s powerful AI makes your written and video content more engaging by turning even the longest content into digestible, compelling clips.

Take your visibility, productivity, and social media engagement to the next level.

Get lifetime access to Pictory today!

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