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QPage is a recruiting platform that leverages data to help you source, assess, and hire the best candidates.

QPage reduces the time, hassle, and uncertainty of recruiting by empowering recruiters and hiring managers with the tools they need to make informed hiring decisions.

To get started, create a branded hiring site to list details about open positions and your company.

Save time while designing your job postings as you choose from AI-suggested job descriptions, which you can tweak before they go live.

Create a customizable, branded career site with details about open positions and what it’s like to work for your company!

Unfortunately, there is no equivalent to America’s Got Talentfor HR teams to find the best candidates (or figure out who the best ventriloquist is).

But QPage can help you set up automated, bias-free, and data-driven recruitment workflows that save time and focus on what matters most—finding the right talent.

You’ll be able to evaluate candidates collaboratively, giving you the ultimate automation on your recruiting process.

Track candidates throughout the application process and see average results from skills and knowledge assessments from one dashboard.

Use the recruiting dashboard to review job posting stats and applicant performance.

With QPage, you decide what to include as part of the screening process and set up automations to take candidates through the journey automatically.

Add skills, knowledge assessments, or design a questionnaire, which you can trigger to automatically send to candidates once they complete the desired steps in your pipeline.

You can also create customizable competency and evidence-based evaluation forms to help you find the candidates that are an ideal fit for your organization.

QPage’s AI will assess applicants in real-time, and you’ll discover which candidates match your criteria, including a match percentage.

Customizable competency and evidence-based evaluation forms help recruiting teams collaborate on the selection process.

If you’ve ever tried online dating, then you know people can look great on paper but be a littledifferent in real life. (“Oh, I had no idea you practiced taxidermy in your mother’s garage…”)

With QPage, you can organize multiple rounds of interviews within the platform and collaborate with your team on scoring and reviewing candidates.

Let the AI run the first round of interviews as a way to qualify or shortlist candidates.

Use voice calls and video interviews through the platform while scoring, reviewing, and evaluating candidate answers in real-time.

QPage makes it easy to score, review, and evaluate candidate answers with your team in real-time!

The hiring process doesn’t stop after you’ve extended an offer to a candidate and neither does QPage!

Manage the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processesall from one convenient dashboard.

From the home dashboard, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the hiring process, including job vacancies, candidates in the funnel, pre-hiring assessment results, and people in onboarding.

Manage your recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes from one dynamic dashboard!

Recruiting at its best can make you feel like you’re Nick Fury assembling a team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

At worst, it leaves you scrolling through LinkedIn for hours, aimlessly hoping for a bite.

QPage comes to your rescue, with the super-powered AI and automation you need to find, assess, and hire the right candidates for your organization quickly and accurately.

Get lifetime access to QPage today!

P.S. Learn how to use QPage like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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