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Quuu is an online platform that gives you the tools to discover, read, watch, listen, engage, save, and share amazing content.

Quuu makes content curation more fun and less headache-inducing by curating high quality content that you can confidently share across your channels.

You can find engaging and well-written contentthat’s been hand-reviewed in-house by an actual human. (Instead of an AI with a human name—I see right through you, “Steve.”)

Choose from over 500 different interest categorieswhere you’ll receive relevant content suggestions to share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Suggested content dashboard

Each day, you’ll receive hand-curated content based on the interest topics you’ve picked.

Finding great content online can feel like finding gold. (“I don’t care if it’s bogus. I’d give anything to readThe New York Times’ ‘Fields of Watermelons Found on Mars’ article.”)

Experience the wealth of quality content when you join Quuu’s amazing community of content creators and consumers that share content across a variety of interests.

You can follow and support your favorite content creators by subscribing, reading, and engaging with their content on the Discover app.

Using Category Clusters, you’ll be able to personalize your own content experience and customize which specific types of content you want in each category.

Discover dashboard

Browse the Discover community, where you can create filters to find the perfect content fit.

With a Quuu Discover profile, content creators will get one link that serves as the home for all their content where audiences can read, watch, and listen.

Link all your social media accounts, gaming accounts, podcasts and more to your Discover profile, so others can connect with you across platforms.

You can even find new audiences for your content by adding it to your Discover profile where others will have the chance to read, watch, listen, save, and share—all within Quuu.

Plus, you’ll get tools that allow you to control the reader experience by adding features like newsletter opt-ins.

Quuu Discover profile

Discover profiles help you build new audiences by linking to all of your accounts and content!

Trying to search for that great article you read once can feel like trying to recall a weird dream you had. (“So there was a bear and it was in the house. No, wait. It was an accountant—”)

With Quuu, you’ll never lose an article again. The Quuu Read Later Chrome extension lets you save articles, videos, and more from anywhere online.

You can even organize your saved content into custom folders to curate a personal space filled with content you actually want to read, listen, and watch.

Read later dashboard

See all your saved content and organize it into custom folders for later use.

The Internet is a magical place, but sifting through mediocre content can make you feel like a kid in a candy store—after the chocolate hangover hits. (♫Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do♫)

Ready to unlock thousands of pieces of high-quality content, hand-curated and organized by category?

Make Quuu your home for all things content and start publishing in style.

Get lifetime access to Quuu today!

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