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Ranktracker is an SEO platform for researching keywords, analyzing competition, and tracking search engine rankings for optimized site traffic.

With Ranktracker, you can get an SEO advantage at every stage for a clear picture of how your campaigns are performing.

Monitor your chosen keywords and your website’s relevanceas it moves up and down the search engine results page (SERP).

Built-in alerts and visual overviews give you the quick insights necessary to form a flexible strategy for the best results.

Keyword monitoring

Monitor your chosen keywords and see how well your site is ranking for them!

Ranktracker lets you find the best keyword opportunities by searching current global databases for the best search phrases—ranked by competitor usage.

Simply enter a word or phrase to see all relevant results, including long-tail keywords and niche SEO searches that have significant traffic but low competition.

You can also analyze phrase search volumes, difficulty ratings, SERP feature results, and keyword interest over time to hone in on your keyword research.

Keyword suggestions

Easily find new keywords with low competition to maximize new visitors on your site.

With Ranktracker, you can explore detailed Google SERP insights for any terms, plus additional search features like maps, reviews, snippets, and shopping links.

Your team will be able to spot which domains rank for specific keywords and see the competitive payoff of using the same phrases based on assigned difficulty scores.

SERPs can even be localized for specific countries, regions, cities, or neighborhoods to offer the best keyword opportunities for targeted segments of your audience.

Competitor SEO analysis

Research competition for search phrases and get in-depth results to boost site rankings.

Ranktracker’s web audit tools also provide statistics for your domain’s feature characteristics, SEO metrics, and index statuseswithin popular search engines.

Get in-depth health checks of your SEO progressusing the Authority and Link Profile Strength scores.

You’ll determine your powerful competitors and find out which links you could replicate for success.

Plus, you can audit your domain with comprehensive page crawling to identify fixes in order of priority as well as SEO impact improvements.

Site SEO audit report

Use in-depth web audits to find SEO errors and learn how to fix them!

Effective SEO could be the difference between growing your business or going back to your day job. (“No, it’s fine. I love data entry.”)

The future of your company requires an SEO platform that gets your site in front of the right eyes.

Make sure your site has every SEO advantage possible.

Get lifetime access to Ranktracker today!

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