Smart Quiz Builder – The Best Quiz & Survey Plugin for WordPress | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

How much easier would it be to convert your prospects if you knew exactly what they wanted?

How much faster can you grow your business if you could more than double your leads with the same amount of traffic?

Smart Quiz Builder is a WordPress Quiz Plugin that will allow you to easily build a lead magnet quiz or survey funnel where you can ask your prospects a series of relevant questions to learn more about them, segment & assign tags based on their answers. See it in action here!

Your prospects can opt-in to see a highly personalized offer specific to their goals and interests.

Instead of sending generic follow-up emails, you can use tags to send relevant follow-up emails.

Create quizzes that stand out using SQB’s powerful editor, templates and funnel builder!

Help your audience learn more about themselves & your products! Build trust and earn social shares!

You win, but more importantly, your prospects & customers WIN because you’re delivering the best fit content customized to THEIR situation!

Agency and Personal-use Code

Each code can be used to create a personal account, which allows for unlimited domains OR it can be used to create an agency account that allows for 10 client domains.

Multiple codes can be used to create a combination of personal and agency accounts or to increase number of domains for agency accounts.

Get access today!

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