TrackingSuite All in one B2B Website Auditing , LeadGen and Outreach software

We built Trackingsuite with the feedback from Agencies and Freelancers in mind. We know what it is like to build or scale up your agency and having to use several tools for prospecting so we built a no b.s all in one Website Technology Audit, SEO audit , Keyword planner and leadgenerator for you to be everything you need to do to reach out to new clients.

marketing is a highly competitve industry. I mean you not only have to compete
with larger agencies but you also have to compete with the hobby marketers. Now
although the market is a bit saturated the issue remains the same that companies
need marketing especially with thousands of companies being started each year.

Its not the
saturated market. It’s the offer! You need to stand out when offering your
services to show the client what THEY need. No matter how many different lead
gen services you use, and no matter how much you try to make your message sound
personal when bulk mailing thousands of people. Nothing beats personal audits
and outreach.

TrackingSuite we want to set a new standard with prospecting and say no to mass

is an extension that lets you audit a potential website and send an email directly
from the extension. Feeling brave? You can use our Skype – Zoom phone
integrations to call the number that the extension scanned.

Want to
combinate email and an even more personal touch? Try our ringless voicemail

Need more
leads to approach? No problem use our lead scraper function to get leads from
Google and Bing Maps. You can export them to our mini-crm to track your

Would you
like to approach your own website database and still track your progress? You
can enable our mini-crm to track each site that you audit so that you can revisit
it later.

With our
Keyword Scanner you can see which keywords your potential client is bidding on
or even better..send your client a keyword report of what their competitors are
using for an easy icebreaker.

Voicemail Integration

Skype Phone

Zoom Phone

Website Technology Audits

SEO Audits

Media Checker

Lead Generator

Keyword Scanner

(Perfect if you would like to hire a VA and have them do the outreach for you)

Add up to 2


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