Vidthere – 100% Browser-Based Webinar Platform

100% Browser-Based Webinar Platform

Doing Webinars is one of the potential ways to reach out to more audiences, increase your network and business with high conversions. However, it can be challenging to figure out how to get started and build the webinar.

Using Vidthere, you can do much more than just a Live Webinar! Increase effectiveness with Video Meetings, generate leads and increase sales with Live and Evergreen Webinars. All-in-one software that will help you maximize your results.

PitchGround presents Vidthere – Organise Live Webinars, Evergreen Hybrid & Automated Webinars Including Virtual Events and Summits With Recording & Up To Unlimited Participants.

The platform has all the tools and features you need to create and host webinars, including camera and screen share mode, branded landing pages and monetisation of your events. In addition, get interactive call to action buttons and detailed statistics right within your account.

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Live Video Platform –Vidthere is the live video platform for all your needs: Internal communications and sales & marketing.

100% Browser-Based – Vidthere is 100% browser-based. Your attendees only need to click on a link, and they’re in the event.

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Recorded Video Event –Vidthere webinars are recorded for future use and sharing.

Live and Auto Webinars – Vidthere supports both live (real-time) and auto (recorded) webinars for a winning combination.

Live webinarsare hands down the best way to get new customers. Drive them to a webinar page, resent and close. Nothing is better than a webinar to get people to buy at scale.

  • No Downloads – Avoid the hassle of downloading software and provide a seamless experience for your attendees. An easy-to-use tool that requires no technical skills or prior knowledge.
  • Hybrid webinar – Include pre-recorded video clips in your live presentation and play them at any point during your live event.
  • Picture in picture – Share your presentation and keep your camera on, letting people see your zest for the event.
  • Multiple presenters – Allow other people to show their bright smiles sharing the presenting screen with you.
  • Up to Unlimited storage and attendees – Vidthere webinar platform comes with no limitations and allows you to maximise your results. Invite as many people as you like to view your webinar and keep recordings of every webinar you have organised.
  • Call to Action buttons – Engage your attendees with trigger buttons that can be displayed whenever you need them.
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Evergreen Webinars (Auto) –Run powerful webinars that engage at a time that suits you. Our Evergreen webinars let you marry the power of live webinars with the convenience of pre-recording.

  • Simulated chat – Engage your audience in automated events. Upload chat transcripts and automate them to run during your evergreen event.
  • On-Demand events – Adjust to busy schedules and let your attendees watch your evergreen webinar on-demand. They can even watch the replay and join-in progress in ongoing webinars.
  • Recurring events – Your recorded events can run over and over again. Record, schedule and repeat.
  • Branding emails – Increase the value of your presentations and make them about you. Brand your emails and increase the trust and engagement of your audience.
  • Up to Unlimited video storage – No storage limits on your recorded events. Upload videos or use existing recordings with no storage limits, cool, isn’t it?
  • Complete Statistics – With Vidthere, you can have a full and detailed view of the post-event statistics. Analyze the data for any event and make your events more efficient
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Powerful Chat –Vidthere events have a powerful chat that makes it easy for users to engage and easy for you, as a presenter, to manage responses and drop quick-links into the chat as the event progresses.

Numerous Modes – Vidthere’s events support screen share, camera, ‘video in video’ and whiteboard modes, ensuring you have all the tools you need to deliver killer presentations for every topic and audience.

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All Devices in HD with 100% Browser compatibility – No download, no signups, no limits. Your attendees can join your events from any device, from everywhere and everytime, all it takes is a single click.

Customizable landing page – Brand your invitations with its 100% customizable registration page using templates. Add your logo, welcome and thank you videos.

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What’s the Benefit of using Vidthere?

  • 100% Browser-Based for you and your audience
  • No time limits on events
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Branded registration pages
  • Simulated chat in evergreen events
  • Email configuration
  • Quick registration for your attendees, no specifications needed.
  • All events are recorded for future use & ease of reference
  • Has powerful chat that makes it easy for users to engage
  • Native integrations with autoresponders

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Solopreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Content Creators
  • Anyone who hosts online events

Alternate For – Demio, Zoom


  • Auto-Responder Support
  • Zapier
  • Full API
  • Calendar Integrations

Testimonials –

“Vidthere has proved as an effective tool for generating leads, onboarding new customers and introducing new features to existing clients. As we work in different markets all over the world, it’s easier to gather them online and demo our product. We’ve seen sales growth and our clients are really pleased with this way of communication. We will definitely use it in future, as well.” – Adam Parker, Sales manager

“I’m not a tech person, but I can say I have become an expert in using webinars with Vidthere. It’s very easy to set up and run the webinars from my browser. My clients can join easily, too, which is especially important to me. I would recommend this product because it’s easy to use, there are no downloads, no limits, and I can deliver a flawless presentation to my clients.” – Lisa Stanley, Life Coach

“I’ve never used webinars as a marketing tool before, but this extraordinary period during the coronavirus crisis had made me realise the advantages of running webinars. We use it as a tool for generating leads and it’s great. We are able to present the product live and have instant feedback from the potential clients. The training process of using the product has never been easier now, and our clients are pleased.” – James Clark, Head of Marketing


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