What happens if vSmart goes down?

What happens if vSmart goes down?

No. vEdge(s) won’t loose connectivity with the other vEdge(s). Asuuming a vEdge looses connectivity to all the vSmart(s) OMP GR (graceful restart) will kick in. Hope it helps.07-Oct-2021

What is Cisco vSmart controller?

vSmart – this is a controller for your network it is responsible for managing all control and data policies by using special Overlay Management Protocol (OMP).19-Feb-2018

What SD-WAN means?

SD-WAN Explained A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a virtualized service that connects and extends enterprise networks over large geographical distances.

Is SD-WAN a routing protocol?

The SD-WAN configuration allows static route entries for specific sites and route entries learned from the underlay network through supported routing protocols; such as OSPF eBGP and iBGP. Routes are not only defined by their next hop but by their service type. This determines how the route is forwarded.12-Mar-2021

What is BGP and BFD?

Information About BGP Support for BFD BFD for BGP. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) is a detection protocol designed to provide fast forwarding path failure detection times for all media types encapsulations topologies and routing protocols.


Single-hop BFD control packets use UDP port 3784.

Is BFD a Layer 2 protocol?

BFD over Ethernet is a Layer 2 detection protocol designed to provide fast forwarding path failure detection for Layer 2 redundancy protocols using Ethernet across all media types.

What is a VPN in a Cisco SD-WAN deployment?

What is a VPN in a Cisco SD-WAN deployment? common exchange point between two different services. attribute to identify a set of services offered in specific places in the SD-WAN fabric. virtualized environment that provides traffic isolation and segmentation in the SD-WAN fabric.08-May-2021

What is Dtls in SD-WAN?

DTLS or TLS provides communication privacy between Cisco SD-WAN devices in the network using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) encryption algorithm to encrypt all control traffic sent over the connections.23-May-2019

What is TLOC IP in Sdwan?

TLOC is generally used as static identifier on Cisco Viptela SDWAN vEdge device and also used for underlay network attachment. TLOC routes classify transport locations. These are sites in the overlay network that connect to physical transport such as the point at which a WAN interface connects to a carrier.26-Mar-2020

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