What is Viptela SD-WAN?

What is Viptela SD-WAN?

The Viptela SD-WAN offering is a segmented network overlay that uses encryption for security enforces policies locally and from a central location and can integrate with third party services.25-Sept-2017

What is vBond vManage and vSmart?

vBond is considered the orchestrator of the system and for a good reason. Its job is to orchestrate connectivity between all the other components in the system. vSmart as the name implies is the brains of the system. This is the device that constitutes the control plane component of the architecture.25-Feb-2021

What is purpose of vBond in SD-WAN?

vBond – initiates the bring up process of every vEdge device at the first step it creates secure tunnel with vEdge and informs vSmart and vManage about its parameters like for instance ip address. It has to be fully connected with every device.19-Feb-2018

Is OMP Cisco proprietary?

OMP is a propriety protocol that is enabled by default in our Transport VPN (VPN0) so you do not need to configure anything to make it come up.

Which two functions are performed by OMP?

Overlay Management Protocol (OMP) Cisco SD-WAN uses OMP which manages the overlay network. OMP runs between the vSmart controllers and WAN Edge routers where control plane information such as route prefixes next-hop routes crypto keys and policy information is exchanged over a secure connection.

What is TLOC extension?

TLOC extension is a feature that allows a WAN Edge router to communicate over the WAN transport connected to the adjacent WAN Edge router through a TLOC-extension interface .

What is BGP networking?

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) refers to a gateway protocol that enables the internet to exchange routing information between autonomous systems (AS). As networks interact with each other they need a way to communicate. This is accomplished through peering. BGP makes peering possible.

What is OMP path selection checklist?

Following are the checklist which OMP uses to select the best path among two or more similar paths. Check whether OMP route is valid or not if not it will be ignored. Select the route with the lower AD value. If AD values are same select the route with higher preference value for vRoute.

What is the TCP number of OMP?

The OMP may listen on TCP port [17900 assigned through IR]. The OMP may be configured to handle overlay routes and transport locators (TLOCs).11-Oct-2016

What is Cisco BFD?

BFD is a detection protocol that you enable at the interface and routing protocol levels. Cisco supports the BFD asynchronous mode which depends on the sending of BFD control packets between two systems to activate and maintain BFD neighbor sessions between routers.

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