WPSmartPay – Set up payments and collect donations in WordPress site with just a few clicks

WPSmartPay is a WordPress plugin that lets you sell products on your site and accept one-time, recurring, and custom payments for services or donations purposes.

With WPSmartPay, you get an in-site plugin that installs in seconds, so you can offer subscriptions, collect donations, and even sell digital products.

Give your customers a seamless payment experience without leaving your site, thanks to an easily navigable interface that integrates with other WordPress plugins.

You can accept one-time or recurring subscription payments in minutes—all without setting up a shopping cart.

And the Gutenberg-powered ready-to-use payment form builder lets you create any kind of payment form, too.

Payment form

WPSmartPay awesome payment form builder lets you create any kind of payment form, including one-time, recurring, and custom payments.

WPSmartPay gives you unlimited possibilities for payment processing on your WordPress site.

That means you can collect donations and crowdfunds, as well as take service payments with customizable payment and subscription options.

Plus, you’ll be able to control the way your customers experience the transaction thanks to the plugin’s customizable payment features.

Product Form

Control the way your customers experience transactions thanks to WPSmartPay’s customizable payment features.

You’ll also be able to manage every aspect of monetizing your business on one convenient dashboard, from coupons to your customer database and file access control.

WPSmartPay integrates smoothly with all of the most popular payment gateways, letting you process payments via Paddle, PayPal, Razorpay, and Stripe hassle-free.

Plus, you can allowyour customers to access real-time overviews of past payments and other profile information.

The built-in reporting platform helps you view records of your sales and payments, transaction history, and more—all displayed in clear, convenient chart-views.

SmartPay settings

Process payments effortlessly using the most trusted payment gateways like Paddle, Razorpay, PayPal, and Stripe.

Best of all, WPSmartPay’s deep integration with other WordPress plugins means you can use it to set up a multi-channel brand with a reach beyond your WordPress site.

Integrate your payment setup with other plugins like Fluent CRM, Pabbly, Zapier, Alt-Textor, and Mailchimp, so every part of your online presence has a point-of-sale opportunity.

And since WPSmartPay lets you receive payment through the world’s most popular payment gateways, you’ll never need to look for alternatives to help you close more deals.

Other WordPress plugins for integration

WPSmartPay integrates with the most popular WordPress plugins, so every part of your online presence has a point-of-sale opportunity.

You shouldn’t have to go the extra mile when it comes to getting paid. (“What if everyone just mailed me a check? …do people still write checks?”)

WPSmartPay makes it easy to accept payments right from your WordPress site—no shopping cart or coding required.

Sell smart, not hard.

Get lifetime access to WPSmartPay today!

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